The Typical Hispanic Familia

Hey guys! I hope everyone is well today? This is Susana and today I wanted to talk about the typical hispanic familia. I see it all the time on shows and social media. I wish I could say that it is usually a positive take on the hispanic culture but it is far from it!

For example click on the tv and you will find that the average hispanic role is usually played as a drug lord, thug or maid… I mean apparently all tv hispanics are nothing more than uneducated misfits. This is truly sad and we wonder why america is stuck in the past!

I myself am a first generation college grad and proud of it! I know that many hispanics do not finish college and I believe that most of the blame is to be put on our lack of push from the culture itself. I just see way too often that many hispanic families go through the motions and just want to either get by or get married.

I think that is why many in my family had such a hard time when I told them that I do not want to get married until I finished my law degree. It’s crazy how I’m looked down upon for something like this, when in reality, this should be celebrated but what can you do?

I just want to have some respect for bettering myself and I want the future hispanic generation to thrive in whatever endeavor they choose to do. I know that change can happen and its up to us first.