Hispanic Man’s Gift of Plumbing

Hey guys and today just wanted to share the stereotypical hispanic man’s gift of plumbing. Yes we hispanics here it all the time, its like if your hispanic, then you must be a great plumber! Well not on a great plumber for some but how about being a great businessman?

You see I met a gentleman today by the name of Dan DeLaO who owns a Plano plumbing company out in Plano Texas of course. This man at first sight, you wouldn’t think much of him…He wears these old wranglers that look to be at least 20 years old and he has a T-shirt with a couple of moth holes in them! Well, let me tell you something mi amigo…this man was loaded to the brim!

Only reason I knew was because he was very open about his upbringing and coming from Mexico looking for a job and thankfully a very nice Gringo allowed him to be a part of his plumbing team. Well long story short, he learned quite a bit from this Gringo that took him under his wing and treated him like a son. In fact they became so close that he left his whole fortune to him since unfortunately he had no family during his later years, only Dan.

Well with that Dan used the money to continue building out this Gringos dreams of having a successful plumbing company in Plano Texas!