Proud of This Man!!!

Today, I want to talk about my brother Leo. Leo is definitely a character and is probably one of the hardest working man I know besides my father. I am very proud of my brother because he has definitely overcome the obstacles of life. Leo started getting in trouble back in high school and the main reason was that he was hanging with the wrong crowd.

He soon started getting into drugs and then running them for a local gang. I’m not going to lie but it was truly hard seeing him get into so much trouble and it broke my parents heart each time he did. Well long story short Leo soon dropped out of school and left home at the age of 17.

He figured he be better off but soon realized how difficult life can be when going down the wrong path. Leo was actually doing well with his drug money but told me later that he felt so empty inside because he felt that he left everything behind. He looked like he was living it up on the outside, when really he just wanted to experience true love from his family again.

Thankfully Leo started going back to church and slowly but surely turned his heart over to the Lord. It was definitely a prodigal son experience and this is the reason why I’m so proud of my brother. He actually went back to school, in order to become a licensed electrician and know works for a local electrician company. He also spends a lot of time with the youth in the church and on the streets. They call him uncle Leo because he truly is like family and its such a blessing to see all those kids admire this once lost soul.