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Just as geeky as any other mommy blog … and just as diaper filled and cheerio smashed – but from Cleveland

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An actual email I just sent my husband:
We need a few things from the store, and since Avery is seeping snot and melting down about it (and also has a fever), can you pick the following up on your way home?
  • Yogurt raisins – the ones from the yellow and blue bag (because Avery calls the ones from the red bag “all gross and stuff”)
  • Spaghettios (the organic kind – because the non-organic kind actually IS all kinds of gross and stuff)
  • Mac and Cheese
  • American Cheese (because OH MY GOD you son ate 3 grilled cheese sandwiches last night and his bottomless pit of a stomach is “STILL STARVING”)
  • String cheese – because it’s yummy
  • Ice cream – vanilla (because ice cream makes them happy … and therefore makes me happy)
  • Dinner for tonight since evidently we’re NEVER GOING ON A DATE NIGHT AGAIN (WAHHHHHH)
  • Beer – because I have been stuck in this house with two sick kids FOR TWO WEEKS NOW



  1. MoninaW says:

    I realize that I haven’t be stuck with two little ones this week but would your husband be willing to pick up a few things for me too?

  2. At least you use full sentences! Mine would be have been a whole lot less wordy and would probably have a lot more swear words in it!

    (I love you so much that I did this 3x because I can’t read captcha bahahaha)

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