Hispanic Man’s Gift of Plumbing

Hey guys and today just wanted to share the stereotypical hispanic man’s gift of plumbing. Yes we hispanics here it all the time, its like if your hispanic, then you must be a great plumber! Well not on a great plumber for some but how about being a great businessman?

You see I met a gentleman today by the name of Dan DeLaO who owns a Plano plumbing company out in Plano Texas of course. This man at first sight, you wouldn’t think much of him…He wears these old wranglers that look to be at least 20 years old and he has a T-shirt with a couple of moth holes in them! Well, let me tell you something mi amigo…this man was loaded to the brim!

Only reason I knew was because he was very open about his upbringing and coming from Mexico looking for a job and thankfully a very nice Gringo allowed him to be a part of his plumbing team. Well long story short, he learned quite a bit from this Gringo that took him under his wing and treated him like a son. In fact they became so close that he left his whole fortune to him since unfortunately he had no family during his later years, only Dan.

Well with that Dan used the money to continue building out this Gringos dreams of having a successful plumbing company in Plano Texas!


Proud of This Man!!!

Today, I want to talk about my brother Leo. Leo is definitely a character and is probably one of the hardest working man I know besides my father. I am very proud of my brother because he has definitely overcome the obstacles of life. Leo started getting in trouble back in high school and the main reason was that he was hanging with the wrong crowd.

He soon started getting into drugs and then running them for a local gang. I’m not going to lie but it was truly hard seeing him get into so much trouble and it broke my parents heart each time he did. Well long story short Leo soon dropped out of school and left home at the age of 17.

He figured he be better off but soon realized how difficult life can be when going down the wrong path. Leo was actually doing well with his drug money but told me later that he felt so empty inside because he felt that he left everything behind. He looked like he was living it up on the outside, when really he just wanted to experience true love from his family again.

Thankfully Leo started going back to church and slowly but surely turned his heart over to the Lord. It was definitely a prodigal son experience and this is the reason why I’m so proud of my brother. He actually went back to school, in order to become a licensed electrician and know works for a local electrician company. He also spends a lot of time with the youth in the church and on the streets. They call him uncle Leo because he truly is like family and its such a blessing to see all those kids admire this once lost soul.


The Typical Hispanic Familia

Hey guys! I hope everyone is well today? This is Susana and today I wanted to talk about the typical hispanic familia. I see it all the time on shows and social media. I wish I could say that it is usually a positive take on the hispanic culture but it is far from it!

For example click on the tv and you will find that the average hispanic role is usually played as a drug lord, thug or maid… I mean apparently all tv hispanics are nothing more than uneducated misfits. This is truly sad and we wonder why america is stuck in the past!

I myself am a first generation college grad and proud of it! I know that many hispanics do not finish college and I believe that most of the blame is to be put on our lack of push from the culture itself. I just see way too often that many hispanic families go through the motions and just want to either get by or get married.

I think that is why many in my family had such a hard time when I told them that I do not want to get married until I finished my law degree. It’s crazy how I’m looked down upon for something like this, when in reality, this should be celebrated but what can you do?

I just want to have some respect for bettering myself and I want the future hispanic generation to thrive in whatever endeavor they choose to do. I know that change can happen and its up to us first.


Big Welcome!!!

Hey guys Susana here and just wanted to say Hi and welcome to my new site! I’m truly excited to be giving you a in depth look into my crazy family and the awesome adventures we go through on a day to day!

I want to give a big shout out to my mom for inspiring and giving me the courage to start my own blog. Moms rock and can’t wait to get this kicked off!

Hispanic Fam